Recycling Pallets & Green Manufacturing

It is estimated that in 2016, 508 million pallets were manufactured. That is about 1.3 million pallets manufactured per day. With such a high production and usage rate it is important that these pallets are taken care of after use.

95% of these pallets were Recycled. That is a significant amount that are being kept out of landfills.

At Green Bay Pallet, we buy and sell used pallets. They are available for customers to help keep the percentage of pallet recycling as high as it is. Green Bay Pallet strives to emphasize green manufacturing by not only repairing damaged or used pallets but also by reusing saw dust scrap for a variety of purposes, including wood chips for landscaping, bedding for animal stalls, boiler fuel, and fire wood.

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All statistics are from the National Wooden Pallet and Container Association