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National Small Business Week

Happy National Small Business Week! We love being a small business! It allows us to know our employees and customers on a personal level! This week try extra hard to support a small business in your community!

Frequently Asked Questions about Pallets – Answered

When a potential customer calls us to order pallets there are a few questions that are commonly asked. We picked the top 5 most frequently asked questions and answered them! How many pounds can a 48”x40” standard pallet hold? Our new 48”x40” pallets can hold up to 4,600lbs. What does the heat treating process do? Frequently Asked Questions about Pallets – Answered

Green Bay Pallet

We have officially launched our new website! Check it out and let us know what you think! Our Favorite Features Include: Fillable Quote Form: Online Job Application: Product Page: Check out the website for our pallet and crate abilities then contact us to get your job started!